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I am a parenting coach in London certified in the 'Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting' method

developed by internationally acclaimed behaviour and learning expert Noël Janis-Norton


I worked alongside Noël Janis-Norton at the New Learning Centre in Hampstead, London for 5 years, during which time I perfected the technique of Noel’s Positive, Firm and Consistent approach.

Having worked with many children who displayed learning and behavioural difficulties, I have successfully changed their destructive learning patterns and given them a basis for success.


I studied English at Poznan and Gdansk University. After moving to England and having my two children, I worked for 10 years as a translator and teacher of English as a second language at Tower Hamlets College, London. This was a valuable training ground for working with both young people and adults.

During this period I worked with a classical music group as their compere and concert manager, organising and presenting concerts in England and abroad.

Subsequently, I decided to concentrate on my work as a parenting coach and am passionate about teaching parents effective, proactive skills that can transform their family lives.

the london parent coach


The programme was created for parents just like you, longing for simple and effective tools to improve family life.


It consists of five core strategies:

Descriptive Praise 

Preparing For Success

Reflective Listening

Never Ask Twice 

Rewards and Consequences

These strategies are practical and effective. Practical means you can do them. Effective means they work.


They have been used by parents around the world to bring up children to become more:






I will encourage you to make these strategies a way of life.


'As a single mother I was dreading having to discipline, or parent my 6 yr old son. I felt like a failure and that for me there was no hope. After working with Grazyna, I can honestly say she has changed our life. The relationship with my son has been transformed, it has flourished and improved beyond belief.


Grazyna has immense knowledge and patience and she has helped me in situations that I thought were impossible to solve. Grazyna’s positivity has helped me to become a much more effective parent and to feel empowered to be the mother I was meant to be'

- Gloria, London UK

'Grazyna has simply changed our family life. She started helping our family five years ago as we were very worried about our first daughter’s aggressive behaviour, who was 9 years old at the time. Now my daughter is the best behaved girl ever and our relationship with her has improved tremendously. 


Grazyna helped us to improve the way we communicate with our 3 daughters, to introduce daily routines, house chores and special time daily with the 3 of them.


Grazyna’s intervention has been transformational and I know this is only the beginning'

- Liana, London UK

'Me and my husband travelled specially from Italy to meet with Grazyna, looking for solutions with an issue regarding one of our daughters but we ended up looking at the whole family structure and routine starting with us - parents!


The whole method just works. This new language that we have been practising has become the norm and we have already fruits. It is enough to look at the smiles of our daughters. Just a very big thank you Grazyna, we wouldn’t have done it without you. Thank you'

- Natalina, Italy

'Our son has an August birthday and found the transition from kindergarten to school extremely difficult. He was frustrated by his inability to write (his fine motor skills were poor) and became disruptive.


Grazyna worked alongside him every day in class for half a term. Her kindness and skillful support made an instant and enormous difference. He moved successfully into Year 1 and his academic performance has improved year on year since then'

- James, London UK

Email me to book a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss how I can help.

Thank you! I will reply soon


Initial consultation 90 minutes £90


Coaching session 60 minutes £60

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